Thursday, July 24, 2014

Peter and Friends Fly Straight on Till Morning {Whimsical Child Photographer}

Whimsical Child Photography: Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography creates Storybook Photo Adventures featuring children and their imaginations. 

Peter and Friends Fly Straight on Till Morning: After flying past London's Big Ben clock tower, Peter and the children fly straight on to Never Land. {Custom Photo Art. Whimsical Children's Photography}.

Using your personal photo (Worldwide), or with a local photo session (Santa Ynez Valley Calif.), photographer and artist "Tricia the Fairygodmother" will wave her wishing wand and make your fanciful dreams come true in a unique and imaginative art portrait to enjoy for ages.

Wishing you well with fairy tale blessings and storybook happy endings!

© CASTLES N CROWNS FAIRY TALE PHOTOGRAPHY. "Whimsical Custom Photo Adventure Portraits featuring Children and their Imaginations", worldwide. Local photo sessions are "Naturally Playful or Whimsically Posed". Central Coast California Child Photographer, with a Fairy Tale Storybook Illustrated style. Logo/Watermark will not appear on prints.

Background stock: Personal models and fairy (; bg:; book, tree, mountain:; clock:; ship:; birds:; roots:
Photo Art Creation and Composite by Tricia the Fairygodmother. Stock images used with permission.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fairy House Tree {whimsical fairy tale storybook custom photo art}

"Fairy House Tree". © Castles N Crowns Photography.

I love where I live! It's a magical place. The images I used to create this enchanting Fairy House Tree are from my own storybook fairytale land. {And I can create a custom fairy tale storybook land for you too!}

© CASTLES N CROWNS FAIRY TALE PHOTOGRAPHY. "Whimsical Custom Photo Adventure Portraits featuring Children and their Imaginations", worldwide. Local photo sessions are "Naturally Playful or Whimsically Posed". Central Coast CA Child Photographer, with a Fairy Tale Storybook style.

This art and others are available for purchase as prints, canvas, framed art, cards and more.
Photographer: Tricia the Fairygodmother

Photo Credits: personal photos

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Winner {whimsical photo adventure photo art}

© Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography.

Congratulations to Diane, the Mad Tea Party winner of my Storybook Alice whimsical photo adventure art.

Diane chose to send me a photo from her childhood. The photo is black and white and low resolution, yet it still works enchantingly in this scene with a bit of photo editing magic! 

I created "Diane's Story: Diane Meets Alice", where the little girl leaves her own black and white storybook world and enters the colorful Wonderland, to meet Alice and her friends. 

I had a lot of fun creating this photo adventure for Diane and was excited when she told me that she loves it! Another happy day here in my fairy tale storybook land.

Wishing you well with fairy tale blessings and storybook happy endings!

~Tricia | | Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography

Background stock:;;;

Friday, July 18, 2014

Baby Mermaid in Winter {whimsical child photography worldwide}


Flashback: One winter day many years ago this little girl, a true water baby an all bundled up (except for her tail of course) was laying in the sand on the beach, and I took this photo for her family.

Flash Forward: It is now summer, many years later, and this child is still a water baby, on a swim team, and loves mermaids. I have recently created current custom mermaid photo art for her, but thought this flash back was fun to remember. 

I can work with old photos or new, and put your child in a whimsical custom photo adventure from their past or present. 

© CASTLES N CROWNS FAIRY TALE PHOTOGRAPHY. "Whimsical Custom Photo Adventure Portraits featuring Children and their Imaginations", worldwide. Local photo sessions are "Naturally Playful or Whimsically Posed". Central Coast CA Child Photographer, with a Fairy Tale Storybook style.
Contact: castlesNcrowns
Credits: My own personal photography, model and background.
Starfish: Tail:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Doll Tutus {whimsical fanciful gifts for girls}

© Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography.
Doll Tutus for American Girl Dolls and other 15-18" dolls are so much fun! I gave one to my granddaughter and she uses it on her dolls and stuffed animals. Made in USA.

© Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography.
I created an orange one just for fun, a blue and purple one for Little Mermaid fans, one with a mix of pinks for Princesses, a purple and lavender one for those who love Rapunzel, and a green combination for pixies like Tinker Bell.

As I photographed these doll tutus, I couldn't help but smile. Fluffy and fanciful, they can turn any doll or teddy bear into a ballet dancer / ballerina, or even a princess or fairy. I even decorated a few bottles with a bottle tutu! Silly....

Since I have been phasing out my children's boutique for awhile now (to focus on my fairy tale photography), I will not be creating any more tutus for my doll clothes shop (one of several kids shops I own). These are the last!

© 2014 Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography.
Whimsical Art and Custom Children's Imaginative Portraiture.
Santa Ynez Valley CA Child Photographer. "Naturally Playful or Whimsically Posed".
Free Consultation.
Photographer/Digital Artist: Tricia the Fairygodmother/FairyGrandmother

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


THE JULY 2014 Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography Mad Tea Party Giveaway WINNERS ARE:

1.  DIANE from Florida. Photo Adventure: Alice and The Storybook: featuring Diane, who is "young at heart".
2. AMBER from Arkansas. Photo Adventure Theme: Rabbit Hole: featuring her daughters.
3. KIRSTEN Tallman. Photo Adventure Theme: Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland, featuring her daughter.

THANK YOU to all who visited my tea party, to all who left such wonderful comments, and to all who expressed their desire to be in one of my WHIMSICAL PHOTO ADVENTURES.


THREE WINNERS???: I gave in to my temptation to create one of EACH of the Alice Photo Art giveaway choices (Mary Poppins Meets Alice; Alice and the Storybook; Alice and the Rabbit Hole/Tree), creating a surprise of THREE GIVEAWAYS, instead of the original one giveaway only. (So it may take me a bit longer to complete all three gifts!) SURPRISE!

WINNERS: WHAT TO DO NEXT: Please email me (Tricia) at I will create these photo adventures in the order that I receive the final photo submissions with name of subject (yourself or child) in the email. Please tell me where you are from and the age/s of the child, as well as anything else you would like to share.* MUST CONTACT ME BY JULY 20, 2014, at which time I will close this offer.

*Your child’s identity will be protected and I will only use an initial such as “Miss A”, if I use any name at all. I ask for this information only so that I may know the subject I am creating for. Remember, I may use the final photo art on my blog, facebook, instagram, art gallery, etc. and I retain copyright and all commercial and artistic rights to the final image that I create. You will receive an approx. 8x10 digital photo for personal printing. If you wish to share on social media, please only use the watermarked version which I will provide, with my logo, for sharing. My photo art may not be sold, distributed, copied, or manipulated in any way.
© 2014 Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography. Tricia Sothcott.
Owner: Tricia the Fairygodmother {and Fairy Grandmother, and child of the King}

© 2014 Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography.
Whimsical Art and Custom Children's Imaginative Portraiture.
Santa Ynez Valley CA Child Photographer. "Naturally Playful or Whimsically Posed".
Free Consultation.

Image Note: Alice winner photo art background stock: Personal stock; faestock.deviantart; graphicsfairy; morguefile. Composited and Edited by Tricia. Stock images used with permission.

LIST OF PRIOR WINNERS AND RECIPIENTS from current and previous years.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Mad Tea Party 2014 {and Giveaway}

MAD TEA PARTY 2014 {and Giveaway}


A cheery Thank You to Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist, for inviting us to host another Mad Tea Party with her this year. I have visited her tea parties for several years as a spectator, and last year, 2013, was my first foray into having my own Tea Party. This year I am offering a GIVEAWAY after we have tea. If you stopped by last year, thank you for joining me again, and to all, Welcome!


For today’s tea party, I could not decide between two flavors, one with caffeine, one without, so I am offering both. I hope you like one of them!
In the pink tea pot, we have Lemon Vanilla Green Tea (with caffeine). It has a touch of lemongrass and vanilla, and the taste is mild and pleasant.

In the glass bottle, is iced tea, since it is a warm day here. This ice cold Pineapple Blueberry Green Tea (de-caffeinated) includes green rooibos, pineapple, blueberry, and just a hint of white chocolate bits!

Hot tea or cold?

Which would YOU choose?

"Cupcakes and Tea with Alice" © Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography.

I created the art piece above, because I am an Alice in Wonderland fan. I thought it would make for a fun place for us to have our tea and cupcakes today. {click image to enlarge}.

Lewis Carroll wrote so many good lines for Alice in Wonderland, didn't he? Here are a few of my favorites.

  • “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
  • “Have I gone mad?” “I’m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.”
  • “If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there.”
  • "Curiouser and curioser!"

Well, I know you have other parties to attend also, so Thank you for stopping by my Tea Party!
(Please read on, for a Giveaway)!

custom order FTPA GIFT.jpg


This year I wanted to offer a fun "Alice in Wonderland" Custom Portrait Photo Adventure Giveaway! I believe in nurturing imaginations through pretend play, books and art, so my photography specialty is “Whimsical Custom Photo Adventures featuring Children and their Imaginations”, worldwide.

1. FREE  Creative Editing Session AND one "Alice in Wonderland" Custom Portrait (Approx. 8x10) Imaginative Portrait digital jpeg filefor personal use and self-printing (or I can offer my pro print lab services). You will also receive one lower resolution image with watermark logo for sharing on the web and social media.

2. NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN, the Imaginative Portrait Adventure can feature a Child, a PET, a DOLL, or YOU!  
3. Winner will be chosen in a few days, that those who are still visiting all the Tea Parties hopefully have a chance to visit this one too! GIVEAWAY WINNER posted JULY 15, 2014.
4. CHOSE one of the three Alice Photo Adventure options below, to become a part of (in place of the clients shown). {Click on photo to enlarge}.

5. Total Value $75.00 (for Basic Imaginative Creation Session with free digital art file).

TO ENTER (one simple step!):

1. Make a COMMENT as to which Alice Adventure Portrait you would like me to customize for you and why, (and who it would be for).

WINNER will be asked to email a photo to me. It does Not have to be high resolution, (it will become a bit illustrated in editing anyway). I have used client’s iPhone images and 30 year old low-res photos for some of my creations, but of course a nice photo to work from is always good. You can see below that almost any pose would work!

Please allow about 1-2 weeks to COMPLETE your Photo Adventure Imaginative Portrait.

EXAMPLE BEFORE/AFTER: This Photo Adventure Portrait was created for sale as a print in my photography art shop. For my clients, I re-created this Alice Rabbit Hole/Tree Adventure for two sisters, who scheduled a full photo session with me because they are local, but I usually just use a client’s own personal photo submission, worldwide. You can see the poses they chose. I hope that gives you some ideas!
ALICE wonderland before after collage cncftp.jpg

THANK YOU AGAIN! I hope you will comment and let me know if you enjoyed the tea, and if you are interested in the giveaway! See you next time! ~Tricia (aka Tricia The Fairygodmother) 

WINNER: Will be announced here on my blog and on my facebook page. Also on
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DISCLAIMER and COPYRIGHT: I retain all commercial and professional rights to the image, which is a work of photo art. You may NOT sell or use for profit. (Commercial use may be considered with contract and fee). I may share the final image on my blog and facebook pages and use for marketing purposes. By accepting this gift, you are implying your Agreement to these terms. Child's name will not be used in full, for their protection.

© Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photography. All images are fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. The images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated, distributed, or used in any other way, without my written permission.

Tea Note: Tea flavors: I am a fan of Teamotions natural teas, so those are the two teas I chose for our tea party today.

Background stock Alice Rabbit Hole/Tree: Personal model images;;;;;; public domain morguefile;

Background stock When Mary Met Alice: Personal stock;;;;;;;; graphicsfairy

Background stock Storybook Wonderland Alice:;;;;

All stock photos used with permission for these composite image digital art creations.

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