Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Laundry Day for Princess Dresses {children's fine art prints}

THE STORY of this ART: A little girl washes her princess dresses on laundry day, and hangs them up to dry on the clothesline, before the rain comes.

(I photographed my granddaughter's purple hat, and Elsa Frozen Princess dress for the dress on the left. See the Before and After for other composite images used. The rest I created or painted digitally).

© Tricia | Castles N Crowns Photography. FairyTalePhotoArt.com

FEATURED: This children's fine art piece won a Weekly Feature at Fine Art Child Photog online magazine: http://www.fineartchildphotog.com/castles-n-crowns-photography/

Artist's Note:
PRINCESS CULTURE can be polarizing. You like it or you don't. I LOVE it, as long as the Princess can be MIGHTY in her own right. If I am a little Princess's Royal Adviser, I like to teach her how to RUN HER KINGDOM with Grace, Kindness, Compassion, Wisdom, Caution, Enthusiasm and Joy, and to have a heart for Serving (and Not to be subjected to its potential submissive trappings: Wishing for a Prince by your side is wonderful, but not necessary to LEAD successfully and powerfully).

stock credits:
hat, dress: personal photos; background: created and painted by Tricia.
girl: stockmichelle | deviantart
wash tub: eirian-stock | deviantart

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