Thursday, December 31, 2015

Candyland Cottage at Night {whimsical fairy tale art}

CANDYLAND COTTAGE AT NIGHT {whimsical fairy tale story art}.

With it's whimsical ice cream chimney, candy walkway, and vibrant flowers, this fairy tale story art comes to life in a poem / verse by Tricia:

"As you walk along the candy path,
The ducks will greet you with a quack.
Seeing the colors is quite a sight,
Even on this moonlit night.

With garden flowers in full bloom,
You'll enter a glowing cottage room.
You'll sit a spell with hot cocoa in hand,
And be glad you visited Candyland."
-Tricia S. CastlesNCrowns

© 2015 Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photo Art by Tricia S.
Available in Print here.
This poem and other children's poems can be found in my 5th illustrated kids book, here.

Digital art and sky: Tricia S; Castles N Crowns;
Cottage and foreground painting: Joan C.; Cousins Originals (Not stock; used w/permission)
Sweets and birds: pixabay

© 2015 CastlesNCrowns Fairy Tale Photo Art by Tricia S.

Illustrated Photo Art featuring Children and their Imaginations (tm). 
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