Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gypsy Girl and the Meerkat {child fairy tale photo art}

© 2017 CastlesNCrowns | Tricia S.

Children's FairyTale Portraits: "Gypsy Girl and the Meerkat"
With her gypsy wagon nearby, the little girl walked over the meerkat and held out her hand. The cute little meerkat hopped onto it. 
My model was charmed by the meerkats at a local zoo, which inspired this exotic story art piece. 

Model: personal photo © Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns
Meerkat: personal photo © Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns
Background: public domain stock pixabay
Wagon: oldhippieart da

© 2017 Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns | Fairy Tale Photo Art | Tricia the Fairy Godmother

My hobby is creating fantasy art for friends and family, using 50-150 layers of clip-art stock, adjustment layers, and digital painting, in photoshop, turning a regular photo into a fun and whimsical imaginative fairy tale portrait! ~Tricia.

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