Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fairy Photography Studio {Fairy Tale Digital Art}

My Fairy Tale Art Studio

This is the studio where I write children's books and illustrate them with my digital art. It is the charming space where I let my storybook imagination run wild and where I create to my heart's content. When I need a break, I run around outside and let the sun shine on my face, and watch the deer and butterflies. 
This fairy tale studio is all in my IMAGINATION however, but it seems so real to me that I simply had to create a fairy tale scene showing my imagination brought to life! 

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What imaginative portrait can I create for you? 
I can use your digital picture or a cell phone photo of your child to create a fantasy storybook-style portrait featuring them in an imaginary scene.  Let's make some fairy tale magic! :)  

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