Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Children's Book {fairy tale photo art} Book Excerpt

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In 2016 I completed my 6th of 7 children's books. In 2017 I finally published it (via Blurb). This children's book is called "SECRET FAIRY SHOP {aka The Imagination Store}" and was written with my 6 year old grand daughter, who gave me the idea for the story.

"At the edge of a village is a charming little shop with a delightful secret: In it, you can find “whatever you can imagine!” What will you imagine?"

Each page of the storybook has an accompanying page of fairy tale photo art. The Secret Fairy Shop can be read to children ages 3-6, or may even be read by children ages 6-8 if they like imaginative fairy stories and fantasy photos.


Tricia is a Children's Storybook Author and Fairy Tale Digital Art Illustrator, who features children and their imaginations in storybook art and fairy tale portraiture.

What imaginative portrait can I create for you? 
I can use your Digital camera picture or your Cell Phone photo of your child, to create a Fantasy Storybook-style Imaginative Portrait.  Let's make some fairy tale magic! :)  


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