Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mini Animal Tree Fairy Tale Portrait BEFORE AND AFTER

Copyright © 2017 Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photo Art


“While walking through the woods with her mother, little Laila happened upon an interesting tree with an opening at the bottom. Out from the opening came several miniaturized animals!” Custom fairy tale photo art using client's photo, which I used to create a magical fairy tale edit with. 

Fairy Tale Creative Edit: @castlesNcrowns and instagram #castlesNcrowns
Model photo: @babylailab (instagram), @sophie's dolls (facebook), blog article
Tree: cindysart stock (da); Animals: mossi889 (da)


Tricia is a Children's Storybook Author and Fairy Tale Digital Art Illustrator, who features children and their imaginations in storybook art and fairy tale portraiture.


Copyright © 2017 Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns Fairy Tale Photo Art

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