Saturday, March 3, 2018


© 2018 Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns | Fairy Tale Photo Art 

A friend has a Cookie Monster bedroom that her child likes to sleep in, which inspired me to create this fan art, just for fun.

Cookie Monster is a Registered Trademark of Sesame Workshop. Cookie Monster character and name are Copyright and Property of Sesame Workshop and Jim Henson Puppets. (This image was created for fun, not commercial, not profit, not business, and is simply fan art for personal fun).

Stock Credits: listed here.

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(Digital Background available as Jpeg file)
Children's Fairy Tale Photo Art ::: Fantasy composite ::: 
by Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns 

© 2018 Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns | Fairy Tale Photo Art | Tricia the Fairy Godmother
My hobby is creating fantasy art for friends and family, often using 50-150 layers of clip-art stock, adjustment layers, and digital painting in photoshop, and after an average of 20+ hours, it magically turns a regular photo into a fun and whimsical imaginative fairy tale art or storybook portrait! ~Tricia.

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