Whimsical Fantasy Portraits, with a Fairy Tale Storybook style
"Nurturing Children and their Imaginations Through Pretend Play, Books and Art" (tm)

Tricia | Castles N Crowns

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a Fairy Godmother named Tricia. She lived in a Castle in a faraway land and liked to use her fairy tale imagination to make children smile.

Today, Castles N Crowns is a tiny studio (Tricia sometimes pretends it is a castle) where Tricia writes and digitally illustrates children's storybooks, creates whimsical fairy tale art portraits, holds occasional Giveaways, and plays with her grandchildren in the charming little village where she resides. She is married to a real-life Jester and if they really had an imaginary castle, it might have a windmill, a tree house, and a wishing well, but would always be full of love, life, laughter, imagination and fun.

A long road leads from the 'Castle' door to a fairy glen full of wild flowers, past a white horse and carriage, to a beach path, and then back to the quaint little town where the Tricia likes to be create. Along this road she finds friendly village children who make her laugh and who inspire her to keep finding ways to keep the Castle full of charming and delightful stories and fairy tale fun to share.

Tricia is all about Nurturing Imaginations through Pretend Play, Books, Costumes, Make-Believe, and Story Art.

With a wave of her wishing-wand, Tricia The Fairy Godmother Wishes you Well, with Fairy Tale Blessings and Storybook Happy Endings! May your days be Merry and Bright!

~Tricia S.

Note: Castles N Crowns was formerly a specialty toy store in 2005, then a children's costume / designer-tutu shoppe in 2008, a children's birthday party face-painting business from 2001-2011, a fairy tale digital-art and storybook studio since 2013, and in 2017 did many Giveaways as "Tricia the Fairy Godmother". 

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GIVING BACK: 2 Corinthians 9:7: ".... for God loves a cheerful giver." 
Tricia believes in giving back at least 10% of her income from book and photo commissions and art sales to charities and individuals in need. 

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