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DETAILS, POLICIES, TERMS (All part of the Contract Agreement):

COLORS | SELF-PRINTING: Each print lab may have slightly different color results which could vary from the original digital file (which may also look brighter on your back-lit viewing screen, than it will in print, depending on your monitor settings).

CLIENT GALLERY: Digital jpeg files will be available for download in password-protected private Client Gallery (for a limited time, usually 30 days. Please retrieve your custom artwork or photo session images within that time).

MODEL RELEASE: Client releases model's image use to Castles N Crowns. CLIENT has Print Rights (Limited Print Release) for personal use only. Commercial license fee required to use image for sales. TO SHARE ONLINE: Please use a web-sized, watermarked version (with our logo), which may not be altered or edited. MODEL RELEASE.
    EDITED .jpg IMAGES ONLY: In the case of digital images, client receives fully Edited jpeg file/s (Artist's choice) only. Just as photographers in the past would spend hours in the darkroom editing images, so today's photographers and digital artists spend hours/days in the (digital) darkroom editing images with software. Files and images MAY NOT BE ALTERED, copied, downloaded, scanned, shared, etc., which would be a Violation of legal Copyright laws, without written Artist consent. Unedited jpegs or Raw files are not completed work and therefore not available to client.

    PAYMENT / RETURNS / REFUNDS: ALL BALANCES ARE DUE IN FULL BEFORE START OF WORK. Due to the unique nature of digital or custom photo art and creative sessions, there are No refunds or returns on any Photo Session, Editing, or Creative work, and/or Digital files. PRINT WORK IS REFUNDABLE ONLY IF purchased from our professional Fine Art Shop, which has its own company's product refund terms. In the event of damage or loss in shipping/transit of printed items, please contact the delivery company (and us), and/or the professional printing lab and they will be happy to help you. (Costumes, Dress-Ups and Toys must be returned within 10 days in original packaging with tags attached, and receipts). 

    BOOKING FEE / RESERVATION FEE: This NON-refundable fee reserves the artist's time and talent to work on your creative art project and/or reserves your photo session time-slot and date. This fee is for a specific art work or creative project only, and/or for a specific photo session time/date only. Should client arrive late or cancel, this Reservation Fee is Not refundable, as other jobs were rescheduled around your time frame. In the event of emergency rescheduling, booking fee may be carried over (once) to a new contractual time and date. Please give as much advance notice as possible in that case. If no notice is given, and client is a no-show, reservation fee is forfeited. Creative Art Projects and Editing: may not be cancelled once work has begun. 

    COPYRIGHT © RIGHTS TO IMAGES: Artist owns the COPYRIGHT and retains sole and exclusive rights to all of our final artwork, some of which we may share in our marketing, social media, and websites. The Photographer owns the rights to the original image. To SHARE online: Please use a web version with our watermark or LOGO. Client may NOT download, scan, copy, duplicate, photograph, sell, alter, give away, remove logo, or claim images as your own work (any of which would be a Copyright Violation). By placing an order or scheduling a session, you are implying YOUR WRITTEN AGREEMENT and CONSENT to these terms, which become your Agreement|Contract with us. Any changes must be agreed upon in writing. Any agreements made electronically (emails, texts, verbal, etc.) are also considered part of this AGREEMENT-CONTRACT.

    CLIENT-SUBMITTED PHOTOS: When the Photographer is also the Client (ex. Client-submitted photos): The Photographer owns the copyright to the original photo and releases rights to the Artist/Castles N Crowns to create a work of art for them. Client cannot claim the artistic editing and creative work as their own. In all cases, the Artist/Castles N Crowns retains the rights to use the image for advertising, marketing and promotions online and offline. CLIENT PHOTO model RELEASE

    NO CELL PHONES OR OTHER CAMERAS: Client is hiring my services and no other photography than my company's may take place during our session. I reserve the right to stop the session if others are photographing my work.

    COSTUMES: Our (local) retail Fairy Tale Dress-up Costumes are currently SOLD OUT. Thank you to all of our wonderful retail customers (since 2005) who purchased toys, tutus, books, puppets, classic games, and dress up costumes from us in person, locally!

    PRICING: here. (Part of the Contract Agreement)


    BOOKING FORM: here. (Part of the Contract Agreement). For In-Person Photo Session Only. (N/A at this time).

    (Part of the Contract Agreement)

    Additional Questions? 
    PLEASE CONTACT US using the contact form on home page. We also welcome email.

    Wishing you Well, with Fairy Tale Blessings and Storybook Happy Endings! 
    May your days be Merry and Bright!
    ~Tricia S.


    Prices, products, services, and policies are Subject to Change without notice.


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    Note: In 2005, Castles N Crowns was formerly an independent specialty toy store, which became a children's costume and tutu shop in 2008. Since 2013 Castles N Crowns is now a studio for children's fantasy portraits, fairy tale art, and illustrated storybooks.


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