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DELIGHTFUL COMMENTS ABOUT Tricia and her Whimsical CASTLES N CROWNS Fairy Tale Storybook Art, featuring Children and their Imaginations:

Thank you so much Castles N Crowns for the fabulous, whimsical, magical edit of my daughter. Her reaction was priceless when I showed her! Huge smile and look of wonder! 
- @MagnoliaSunflower

I made magnets out of the image you made me and gave them to family. I've already blown it up and ordered it on wood and acrylic and made it into thank you cards and a photo book. - Robin

WOW :) I am speechless. Absolutely gorgeous edit. It is amazing. I love it! I am in awe with your work! - @elsiemariel 

Ohhh my ... your art piece - what a joy-filled delight - makes me so happy to see - thank you with much joy for sharing!! - Lorie Davison @scrapbookgraphics 

You create so many wonderful designs and write such whimsical stories! Everyone loves the fairy tale you created for me... and I do too! -Diane

Tricia from CastlesNCrowns​ made me this Fairy Tale Editing of Laila's Photo that is just magical! I almost cried of joy. Thank you so much T.! ... Every girl should have a Fairy Tale Photo Art done by you! -Mohenz / @BabyLailaB / @sophiesdollslove

Seriously cute!!!... Magical!... How beautiful!... So fun!... I'm in love with how you are able to create susch magical pieces! -Kristin @life_of_little_luke. 

Omg!! Stunning! Reminds me of a fairy tale! -@beaucour 

The images are beautiful. I especially love the image of the big book under the mushrooms --- very "Alice".

How amazing! LOVE your banner too! -Diane in Florida.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful art! -Hunnybee.

LOVE your portraits! As soon as your page opened I was hypnotized by your header, instant smile. -Marcia P.

How absolutely fun! Very nice work. -Mama H.

Anyone who loves trees, rabbits, tea, castles and crowns is a friend of mine! -Bill.

Oh how absolutely WONDERFUL! I adore your photo transformations! -Amber in Arkansas.

Lovely photogs! Brava! -Susan.

Your work is magical! All the photos are fabulous.  -Christina P.

You are a very talented artist! Love the pictures. -Kirsten T.

Your art is superb! -Sarah.

Fabulously gorgeous... Your art is soooo beautiful. -Jennifer.

Simply beautiful!! It is just lovely here! -Autumn Wind.

How lovely your work is. -Denise.

What lovely images. I love the colors.... -Rhissanna.

I love your artwork! -Carmen.

Beautiful art Tricia. -Joanna D.

I LOVED your header photo. ... Delightful. -Kaye S.

Lovely... unusual... I think your image is wonderful. 

You are quite a talented photo artist! I love that! -Gigi.

Your wondrous photo art, so lovely! You are lovely.... -Vanessa V.

Oh what fun! Lovely photo art! -Niffy

Divine! -Anne

Perfect... wonderful... made my day. -Sandy 

Thank you! -Janie


WONDERFUL COMMENTS about Tricia's first CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOK, "A Fairytale Tea Party":

... what a great idea... And the rabbit reminds me of the old store windows I visited in my youth.... I hope the fairies come to play again.... -DogsMom

Such a pretty and magical tea party! Well done.... -Emalina from Idle Bakes

Oh my! What beautiful photos! They make me feel like I’ve stepped into Fairy Land. That cake, oh that cake! It is just delightful. -Sarah H. from Love Light and Wine

Wonderful! So much color! Lovely! -Maria from Cozy Comfy Couch

Wow. How enchanted! A wonderful tea party! Thank you so much! -Niffy

What a magical tea party! Babette the bunny’s cake is so amazing. I love the little cottage and all the little fairy houses! -Michelle from A Fine Ruffling

A fabulous party, and a carriage ride too !!! -Mad Madam Mel

OH!! Look at all those scrumptious mind blowing photos!! And that candy cake, and those horses, and and and and!!!! Just wonderful! -Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist

I love the delightful, colorful paintings above the table! So cute!!!! ...I enjoyed every minute. -Melissa E.
Wow – awesome party! That blue door is magical and beautiful! -Shauna Henry Art

Can I live in this world please!? Beautiful things you've shared :) -Jenn from Broomsticks and Lace

...scrumptous, magical photos... -Carmen from Moonlyf


HAPPY COMMENTS about our {Sold Out} COTTON BABY COSTUMES by our designer Harrisons Halloween Costumes: (Note: Only the orange and black striped toddler stretchy socks are not cotton, costumes are): ALL SOLD OUT! Thank you!

(c) cottonbabycostumes.bigcartel.com ALL SOLD OUT!!

  1. I searched the web to find both a baby vampira and 100% Cotton Costumes and was so delighted to find your site. It is exactly what I was looking for!! I ended up getting several items from you and I know we will be buying all of our costumes from you in the future. What an amazing company you have. Thanks so much for all the wonderful costume items and all the fun sure to be had!! Thanks so much for offering a parents solution to the synthetic nightmare that is halloween! -Warmly, Laura K., Santa Monica, CA
  2. Your Cotton Baby Halloween Costumes are SO STINKIN' ADORABLE! -Bella Michelle, MaineThese costumes are so cute! I have always made costumes. There are not really any other options in the retail market to the polyester junk in the mega-stores. Harrisons, it would be great if you made larger sizes! -Wenonah, Tucson, AZ
  3. I love [the cotton costumes]! As it is still hot at Halloween time where I live, this would be a perfect option for my newborn, rather than those hot polyester numbers! -Leslie
  4. My girlfriend has a 4 month old boy that would make a perfect spider. That's the cutest costume ever! -Meghan
  5. Love it! The little vampire and spider costumes are so cute! Our new little guy will fit perfectly in the size range this halloween. -Karissa
  6. I just sent 3 kids back to college -- I sure wish there had been such a great costume option when they were young. -Tracy
  7. I've just started seeing all these mega-Halloween-costume stores popping up and I'm more determined than ever for my kids to be GREEN with their costumes this year. I hate the thought of spending yet another $25 on a flimsy costume at a random store... -Cynthia
  8. I'm so glad you've made cotton costumes! I really don't want to dress my baby in a hot, sticky, polyester piece. I was debating dressing him in cotton clothing and adding accessories! Now I have great choices that are cute too! -Melinda, Oct. 3, 2009 

DELIGHTFUL COMMENTS about my {Sold Out} Little Adventures Doll Dress-up Costumes (Testimonials direct from my manufacturer's public page).

"Hi, I run a preschool in British Columbia. We ordered princess dress ups from Little Adventures several years ago and can't believe how long they have lasted! They are put on and taken off during two classes a day, 20 children per class, Monday through Thursday. They are one of the most used things in our school. Now it's finally time for us to reorder." - Sue from the North Delta Parent Participation Preschool


NICE COMMENTS about my custom DESIGNER TUTUS (Sold out!): 

"Your tutus are as nice or nicer than anything I carry in my store". -Amy, Central Coast, CA


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